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Terms and Conditions of Installment Program

The Installment Program is applicable to individual clients whose credit cards are issued in Vietnam. The 0% Interest Installment Plan is only applied for transactions made by affiliated issuers Credit Cards with different available selection of Installment Tenors (3, 6, 9 or 12 months). This program is not applicable with other discounts, vouchers or promotions. The 0% Interest Installment Plan transaction cannot be reversed in any circumstance and any request to cancel the Installment plan after Cardholder applies shall not be processed.

The Card Issuer reserves the right to decline any ineligible application of the 0% Interest Installment Plan with no responsibility of all credit card outstanding amount arising from the refused transaction.

Before applying for the 0% Interest Installment Plan, please read the 0% Interest Installment Plan Terms and Conditions carefully by clicking the bank logo below