OnePAY Introduction

OnePAY is a Leading Payment Processing Company in Vietnam since 2006, providing payment gateway, payment processing and merchant services. OnePAY provides businesses, utility companies, banks a secure and integrated solution package with outsourcing services for electronic payments over various channels such as: the internet, mobile and traditional self – service networks.

Top Merchants

OnePAY is making the best effort to provide services and satisfaction to over 1,500 merchants, many of which are leading companies in the field of business.


  • 01. Consumer

    A new payment trend by phone in Retail and Ecommerce

    Receiving promotion, loyalty directly in secure payment

  • 02. Merchant

    Simplify or even no intergration to store system

    Intergrate voucher/gift card and loyalty for client

  • 03. Bank

    Provide Mobile Payment service to customer

    Unique payment solution for all channels

News and Articles

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